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Okay guys—Let’s do a challenge together!

Clean eating and Excercise for 14 days.

- no cheat days

- no unhealthy behavior / habbits (whatever that may be)

- lots of fun and support!

I will post my intake and excersize every day if y’all are interested, and maybe we can do a tag and everyone can post for themselves? 

Let’s make these next 2 weeks count!

Let me know if you want to team up and do this with me!

xx itcaotallbelost


I’m having a mental breakdown because I can’t figure out how or what to do to add strength training into my weight loss program. All I want is a simple way to do 20 mins of strength training twice a week. My problem is that I’m obese and I don’t really know what kind of strength training/weight training is right for me. Ugh I just want something fucking simple.

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